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  • Alick Burt

River Nene, Stibbington to Warmington lock. It may be a familiar route but you never know what you

Hello Folks

This trip is one I have done many times but it was still an interesting paddle as I saw lots of wildlife and the skies provided some excellent photo opportunities.

As I set off all was mirror like calm.

I didn't see many boats throughout the day. Perhaps it just felt that way because there were so many on my Norfolk Broads trip last bank holiday. One narrow boat passed me and I saw another pass through Wansford lock but that was pretty much all the big boat traffic.

This left the river to me and the wildlife. I saw a pair of terns take flight as I passed under them.

When I reached Wansford bridge The reflections on the water began to get really interesting.

At Wansford lock I took a shot of Peterborough no 1's stern.

On the far side of the lock the landing stage has been rebuilt with plastic and my least favourite scratchy stuff but It isn't too much of an obstacle as I can easily slide my boat over avoiding this narrow strip.It is at its worst when I have found it in wide pieces on floating platforms where you have to get out at some locks further up river. (Of course I know it is very practical as a non slip surface.)

Paddling on the reflections got better and better!

Fittingly for May A mayfly landed on my gunwale for a ride.

I had lunch in one of my favourite places where the peace is palpable.

On my return journey the list of birds I saw and heard were many but slightly unusually I saw a Kestrel resting on a tree. Apologies for the poor focus it didn't stay for long.

At Yarwell lock I took the opportunity to take a picture of Peterborough no 1 under the tree.

and finally at Wansford lock I saw a gaggle of geese who were enjoying pecking at the grass.

A fabulous day for a paddle!



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