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Canoe Restoration, Refurbishment & Repairs

Repair to Keel and hole in hull of canoe.

Repair to Keel and hole in hull of canoe believed to be from the Lakefield area possibly 130 years old!

Get your wooden canoe back on the water with our restoration service.

This may be as simple as refurbishing with a fresh coat of varnish right through to rib, stem and planking repairs on wood canvas and other old types of canoe.

A while ago I undertook full restoration of a beautiful Cedar and Mahogany 120 year old Thomas Gordon Canoe known as Felix’s Canoe pictured below. You will find the story of Felix's canoe restoration in our blog.

Whilst most of my work is in making new canoes I am also happy to undertake refurbishment and repairs to your craft. This might be something as simple as varnishing your hull right through to repairing a hole in your hull or re-skinning your boat with new resin and cloth.


Feel free to contact us and discuss your requirements.

Felix's canoe undergoing restoration.

Felix's canoe bow during varnishing

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