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Prospector Wood and Canvas Canoe

Prospector wood & canvas canoe, on open water.

Riverside Edition canoe painted with fabulous artwork by artist Sarah Burt

This is a really special canoe made using the wood and canvas construction method, so unlike my other canoes this canoe is built the traditional more time consuming way with ribs and planking covered with canvas. These canoes are usually painted and this one is extra special because it is painted with incredibly beautiful riverside scenes by Artist Sarah Burt. The hull shape is a Prospector design by Alex Comb and is suited to long tripping with lots of gear! This is a big boat. I have fitted it with one fixed seat and one of my moveable thwarts for ultimate flexibility so it is easily changed from solo to tandem and back.

As you can see from the pictures this boat has ribs and the outside is covered with canvas that has been filled and painted to seal it. There are boats made using this method that are over 100 years old though in most cases the canvas has been replaced by this time. Given that the hull took a long time to make I thought it deserved something special to finish it so I had my sister Artist Sarah Burt paint it with these wonderful riverside scenes. It is truly magnificent to behold so would be equally at home in a gallery or stately home or swanky apartment interior, hanging suspended in view for all to see.

Price: £8,980



Length: 16ft

Width: 34”

Depth: 13”

Weight: TBC

There is also a range of optional extras available for this canoe.

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