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The Kingfisher Solo Canoe


This is a solo canoe of small size suitable for skilled paddlers on day trips or larking about freestyle, though if you can camp with limited equipment you may also manage the occasional camping trip too.

The hull is shape is derived from the classic Peterborough canoe but with refinements of my own making. Can be provided with a yoke and adjustable moveable thwart of my own registered design or alternatively with a single fixed seat. The example shown has planking of red Cedar with Pine stripes on the bottom and decks of Cedar with Olive Ash centre and Ash stripes. The hand carved yoke is in fabulous Yew.

Price: £4,900



Length: 12ft

Width: 27.75”

Depth: 10”

Weight: 18-20kg (approx.)

There is also a range of optional extras available for this canoe.

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