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Wood Strip Canoes

Canadian (Open) Wood Strip Canoes


Imagine yourself floating gently down a river at daybreak with the dawn chorus the only sound around you or in the middle of a lake surrounded by mountains. Our Canadian Wood strip Canoes can help you realise that dream.

Our wood strip canoes are not only fantastic functional objects but also creations of such beauty that some clients have them displayed in the interiors of their homes, restaurants, bars and other venues across the UK and Europe hence the description “works of art you can paddle”.

The reason they look so good is because they are built using the wood strip technique to create a seamless hull with beautiful flowing lines. This involves gluing many carefully moulded strips of timber together over a form and then covering with epoxy resin and fibreglass which seals and strengthens the hull and yet allows the beauty of the timber to shine through.

Gunwales & Contrasting Hull Interior

Striped Hull

Light Coloured Contrasting Hull

  • All our designs can be produced with decks of small size for lightness or larger size if you wish to have inbuilt storage or buoyancy.

  • Really top quality items made by a cabinetmaker with over 30 years woodworking experience you simply will not find a better piece of craftsmanship.

  • Finally as a finishing touch all boats are fitted with an oval brass plate, stating the boats unique Edition Number.

  • See our Pinterest page (opens in a new window) for a full photo gallery of our canoes.

  • Once you have chosen which canoe you would like us to make, you can then choose the timber used to make the decks of your boat - for example combining woods such as the gorgeous English Yew with colourful American Cherry or the beautiful Red Wellingtonia with Yellow cedar produces a stunning effect. Please let us know your choice, or if you prefer you can leave the choice up to us and we will make up a lovely combination of timbers for you.

The Peterborough

Our most popular design - a classic 16ft touring canoe, at home on all types of water.

Suitable for 2 people with room for camping gear, can also be paddled solo. Usually made of the classic cedar strips combined with pine for contrast. In this example the decks are made of Walnut with Burr elm centre and Ash stripes. Representing hundreds of hours of craftsmanship she is simply a “Work of Art you can Paddle”!

Based on a design originally produced in the early 19th Century by the Peterborough Canoe Company in Ontario, Canada. Unlike other classic designs such as the Prospector it is quite a fast boat due to the narrow beam. The bow & stern are designed to cut through, rather than ride over the smaller waves.

Price: £5,500

Length: 16ft
Width: 31”
Depth: 12”
Weight: 25-30kg (approx.)

The Dabchick

A 14ft lightweight boat for 1 or 2 people, with our unique registered design of adjustable & moveable single kneeling thwart. "Simply a joy to paddle"!

The concept of the Dabchick was born from the trend for lighter boats. The planking is in this example is Cedar and Pine with the fabulous striped “humbug” pattern. Constructed with both inner and outer stems to give strength where it matters. Made from Sycamore the Gunwales are slightly slimmer than The Peterborough and are scuppered all the way up to the small decks at each end, which reduces weight and allows water to be poured out easily. The extra small decks can be made from striking English Yew or American Cherry, with a stripe of Sycamore, pointing the way ahead as you paddle. The choice is yours.


The design of the hull is based on the classic Peterborough but is 1” wider, slightly lower at the bow and stern, with a small amount more tumblehome at the sides. She has a full length brass keel strip for extra protection. The seat in the Dabchick is our very own design, an incredibly comfortable Kneeling Thwart (height adjustable & moveable within the boat).We have found the best combination is to have one fixed seat and one adjustable thwart which mean the boat is easily adapted for solo or tandem use. Ideal for two people paddling day trips, or extended excursions with minimal camping gear.

Price: £5,000

Length: 14ft
Width: 32”
Depth: 12”
Weight: 19-22kg (approx.)

The Sunnyside Cruiser

In addition to the Classic Peterborough touring canoe featured on this page other hull shapes can also be made like this 1912 Sunnyside Cruiser designed by Walter Dean, or another hull size or design of your choice.

Walter Dean used to design racing canoes, hence this canoe’s sleek profile and low decks. This makes her quite a fast modern design despite being designed in 1912!

Price: £5,000


Length: 16ft

Width: 30.75”

Depth: 12.37”

Bow Height: 14.75"

Weight: 24kg (approx.)

Sunnyside Cruiser

Kingfisher Solo Canoe 12ft

This is a solo canoe of small size suitable for skilled paddlers on day trips or larking about freestyle, though if you can camp with limited equipment you may also manage the occasional camping trip too.


The hull is shape is derived from the classic Peterborough Canoe but with refinements of my own making. Can be provided with a Yoke and adjustable moveable thwart of my own registered design or alternatively with a single fixed seat. The example shown has planking of red Cedar with Pine stripes on the bottom and decks of Cedar with Olive Ash centre and Ash stripes. The hand carved yoke is in fabulous Yew.

Price: £4,900



Length: 12ft

Width: 27.75”

Depth: 10”

Weight: 18-20kg (approx.)

Wood Canvas Prospector

Riverside Edition Canoe painted with Fabulous Artwork by Artist Sarah Burt.

This is a really special canoe made using the wood canvas construction method so unlike my other canoes this canoe is built the traditional more time consuming way with ribs and planking covered with canvas. These canoes are usually painted and this one is extra special because it is painted with incredibly beautiful riverside scenes by Artist Sarah Burt.

The hull shape is a Prospector design by Alex Comb and is suited to long tripping with lots of gear! This is a big boat.
I have fitted it with one fixed seat and one of my moveable thwarts for ultimate flexibility so it is easily changed from solo to tandem and back.

As you can see from the pictures this boat has ribs and the outside is covered with canvas that has been filled and painted to seal it. There are boats made using this method that are over 100 years old though in most cases the canvas has been replaced by this time. Given that the hull took a long time to make I thought it deserved something special to finish it so I had my sister Artist Sarah Burt paint it with these wonderful riverside scenes. It is truly magnificent to behold so would be equally at home in a gallery or stately home or swanky apartment interior, hanging suspended in view for all to see.

Price: £8,980



Length: 16ft

Width: 34”

Depth: 13”

Weight: TBC


Kayel Ranger 14 Plywood Canoe

This is a more affordable option made of ply with the addition of beautiful bespoke decks & gunwales.

I was asked to make this one by a client whose partner had sadly died before he could complete it and she was very happy with the end result. Whilst the Kayel Ranger kit is no longer available there are other plywood kits available and we are happy to make these and customize them for you if you wish or if you have an unfinished kit gathering dust we can finish it for you. 

Price: £2,500


Optional extras

  • Carved carrying yoke. £170.00

  • Individually hand crafted paddles. £160.00-£320.00

  • Deck compartments. £150.00 each

  • Exotic timbers & inlays for decks & trims. £P.O.A.

  • Special underside pattern. £20.00-£100.00 (depending on design)

  • Full length brass keel strip. £170.00

  • Part length brass keel strip. £90.00

  • Additional seats. £95.00

  • Vinyl Lettering. £30.00 or, Brass name plate. £40.00

  • Moveable & adjustable kneeling thwarts. £250.00

  • Name on the side (printed on paper under resin). £30.00

  • Other seat covering options such as leather, canvas or webbing. £10.00-£100.00

We also offer a range of Paddles, plus other Accessories including Wannigans. Our Ordering & Delivery page also provides useful information.

Olive Ash Deck & Integral Handle

Mahogany & Burr Elm Deck

Walnut & Maple Deck

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