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Wooden Open (Canadian) Canoes

Open Wooden canoes, Canadian canoes.

Imagine yourself floating gently down a river at daybreak with the dawn chorus the only sound around  or in the middle of a lake surrounded by mountain scenery. Our wooden Canoes can help you realise that dream.

Our wooden canoes are not only fantastic functional objects but also creations of such beauty that some clients display them in the interiors of their homes, restaurants, bars and other venues across the UK and Europe hence the description “works of art you can paddle

Wooden canoe stowed onboard a yacht deck.

One client has his displayed on the deck of his yacht where it is easily accessible for a quick trip out on the Italian Lakes!

The Seaview restaurant in Saltburn have one on display hanging from the roof!

Our open canoes are made to a classic Canadian canoe design which makes them easy to turn, swift in a straight line and equally at home in lakes or rivers. There is ample space on board for passengers and camping equipment which makes for a great weekend away from the stress of modern living.

Wooden canoe ceiling mounted for display.

Wood Strip Canoes

The reason these look so good is because they are built using the wood strip technique to create a seamless hull with beautiful flowing lines. This involves gluing many carefully moulded strips of timber together over a form and then covering with epoxy resin and fiberglass which seals and strengthens the hull and yet allows the beauty of the timber to shine through making them stunningly beautiful wooden canoes that everybody loves.

Each canoe is unique as the decks at each end are made to different styles using different timbers so you will have a canoe you can truly call your own!

The Peterborough Wood Strip Open Touring Canoe.
The Dabchick Wood Strip Lightweight Open Canoe
Sunnyside Cruiser Wood Strip Recrational Canoe.
Kingfisher Solo Wood Strip Canoe.

Examples of Wood Strip Detailing

Gunwales Fitted & Contrasting Hull Interior

Gunwales & Contrasting Hull Interior

Striped hull deatil.

Striped Hull

Light coloured contrasting hull.

Light Coloured Contrasting Hull

Wood and Canvas Canoes

This type of canoe is made with planking over steam bent ribs covered in canvas that is then filled and painted. The advantage of them is their sustainability. Every part of a wood and canvas canoe is repairable or replaceable indeed some have been around for a hundred years or more and although the canvas may have been replaced they are still usable today.

In addition to a single paint colour. The canvas can be painted with Beautiful Artwork like on our Riverside Edition Prospector, or other painted designs you may wish us to create especially for you to give your canoe that unique personal touch.

Plywood Canoes

This type of canoe can be made for you in two different ways, Bent Ply or Stitch and Glue.

This is created by carefully bending a very thin sheet of ply and then covering with fibreglass and resin as in our wood strip canoes. This makes you a canoe that is exceedingly lightweight but not as strong as the second, the stitch and glue method.

In this type the hull is made of sections of ply that are held together by strong epoxy and fibreglass joints. The hull can then be finished in one of two ways depending on the type of use and how often you wish to paddle it. If you don’t paddle often and it is mostly on flat water then it is enough to have the hull painted or varnished without a further layer of cloth and epoxy. Alternatively you may wish to have a layer of epoxy fibreglass covering to give greater durability.


Optional Extras

  • Carved carrying yoke - £200

  • Individually hand crafted paddles - £200-£350

  • Deck compartments - £250-£350 each

  • Exotic timbers & inlays for decks & trims - £P.O.A.

  • Special underside pattern - £50 upwards, depending on design

  • Full length brass keel strip - £250

  • Stem bands only - £160

  • Vinyl Lettering - approx. £30.00 or, Brass name plate - approx. £40.00

Olive Ash Deck & Integral Handle

Olive Ash Deck & Integral Handle

Walnut & Maple Deck with Mahogany Stripes

Walnut & Maple Deck

We also offer a range of Paddles, plus other Accessories including Wannigans. Our Ordering & Delivery page also provides useful information.

Reclaimed Mahogany & Burr Elm Deck With Ash Stripes

Mahogany & Burr Elm Deck

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