Wood Strip Canoes

Canadian (Open) Wood Strip Canoes

Imagine yourself floating gently down a river at daybreak with the dawn chorus the only sound around you or in the middle of a lake surrounded by mountains. Our Canadian Wood strip Canoes can help you realise that dream.

Our wood strip canoes are not only fantastic functional objects but also creations of such beauty that they turn heads wherever they go.

They are made to a classic Canadian canoe design which makes them easy to turn, swift in a straight line and equally at home in lakes or rivers. There is ample space on board for passengers and camping equipment which makes for a great weekend away from the stress of modern living.

The reason they look so good is because they are built using the wood strip technique to create a seamless hull with beautiful flowing lines. This involves gluing many carefully moulded strips of timber together over a form and then covering with epoxy resin and fibreglass which seals and strengthens the hull and yet allows the beauty of the timber to shine through.

Gunwales & Contrasting Hull Interior

Striped Hull

Light Coloured Contrasting Hull

The hull is then given inwales and outwales to strengthen the edges and make it able to withstand any knocks and bumps. These could be just plain strips of wood or we can cut out scuppers and taper their ends for a really graceful look.


Each canoe is unique as the decks at each end are made to different styles using different timbers so no two are alike. The timbers used in the hull can also be varied for example you might like a striped bottom or maybe the bottom in a light timber to contrast with a dark hull.


In addition to the Classic Peterborough touring canoe featured on this page other hull shapes can also be made like this 1912 Sunnyside Cruiser designed by Walter Dean, or another hull size or design of your choice.

Sunnyside Cruiser

Base Price: £4000.00

Kit Price: £1000.00


Optional extras

  • Carved carrying yoke. £170.00

  • Individually made hand crafted paddles. £160.00-£250.00

  • Sealable deck compartments. £100.00 each

  • Kneeling pads. £20.00

  • Exotic timbers & inlays for decks & trims, extra underside patterns. If you would like something extra special please ask. £P.O.A.

  • Patterned underside. £10.00-£200.00 (depending on design)

  • Other seat covering options such as leather, canvas or webbing. £10.00-£100.00

  • Small Brass nameplate. £30.00

  • Name on the side (printed on paper under resin). £30.00

  • Moveable & adjustable kneeling thwarts£150.00

  • Portage trolley. £45.00

  • Woodstrip Wannigan. £700.00

  • Full length brass keel Strip. £170.00

  • Stem only brass keel Strip. £90.00

  • Additional seats. £95.00

See Accessories & Ordering for more information.

Olive Ash Deck & Integral Handle

Mahogany & Burr Elm Deck

Walnut & Maple Deck