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Wooden Canoe Accessories


The Wannigan is a canoeists food box and I have my own wood strip version that I made to fit my Peterborough Classic Canoe. Like my boats it is made from strips and covered with fibreglass cloth and resin. The lid seals when closed making it waterproof to keep the contents dry and also providing extra buoyancy in the event of a capsize. Inside is a removable tray which I find very useful as you can remove it with a few small items in it and close the lid to use as a flat surface.


When on board it slides in under the gunwales of the canoe. This one is a prototype and I am happy to make you one like it for £1100 or of a simpler construction or design for a more affordable price. If you would like one made to fit your canoe it is a simple matter of providing me with cardboard templates, please enquire.


Woodstrip Wannigan. Price: £1,100.00

Wood Strip Wannigan in Peterborough Canoe
Wood Strip Wannigan in Peterborough Canoe, Top View
Wood Strip Wannigan Interior Detail
Wood Strip Wannigan in Peterborough Canoe, Open View

Moveable Kneeling Thwart


This Kneeling thwart, with its Registered design of bracket, is made so that it is removable and adjustable without tools. This makes it easier to move around while on the water and should you wish to move to one of your seats for a while or in the event of a capsize you will not be trapped. 

The height and angle can be adjusted to suit all leg sizes even whilst on the water. Unlike with other thwarts if a Canoe is fitted with one fixed seat and one of these, it can be easily switched from a solo to a tandem boat. How cool is that! 

I can also offer these for other canoes eg. those with plastic or metal gunwales with adaptation.

Removable Adjustable Kneeling Thwart. Price (approx.) £350.00

Adjustable kneeling thwart design 1.
Adjustable kneeling thwart design 2.

Enquire about Accessories. See Ordering & Delivery for more information

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