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The Peterborough Touring Open Canoe

The Peterborough wooden open touring canoe.

Our most popular design - a classic 16ft touring canoe, at home on all types of water.

Suitable for 2 people with room for camping gear, can also be paddled solo. Usually made of the classic cedar strips combined with pine for contrast. In this example the decks are made of Walnut with Burr elm centre and Ash stripes. Representing hundreds of hours of craftsmanship she is simply a “Work of Art you can Paddle”!

Based on a design originally produced in the early 19th Century by the Peterborough Canoe Company in Ontario, Canada. Unlike other classic designs such as the Prospector it is quite a fast boat due to the narrow beam. The bow & stern are designed to cut through, rather than ride over the smaller waves.

Price: £5,500


Length: 16ft

Width: 31”

Depth: 12”

Weight: 25-30kg (approx.)

There is also a range of optional extras available for this canoe.

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