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Wood Strip Kayaks

In addition to Open Canoes we also make wood strip Kayaks. This fabulous example is a 17ft Guillemot Single Sea Kayak designed by Nick Schade. It is made using our staple-less construction from Western Red Cedar and Scandinavian Redwood with American Black Walnut Cockpit lip. The cockpit edge has also been recessed to make it more comfortable.

The wave patterns on the decks have been built up freehand and carefully stripped between the stripes to create this beautiful flowing form. The underside has an equally striking though more regular pattern.

Inside is an adjustable foot brace and the seat and its back have been made using foam that can be sculpted to fit the paddler. There are also cheek plates that are slotted for the straps that hold the seat back allowing it to be adjusted.

Guillemot Single Sea Kayak

Guillemot Single Sea Kayak

Guillemot Single Sea Kayak, End View
Guillemot Single Sea Kayak, Underside
Guillemot Single Sea Kayak, Cockpit

At present this hull does not have any hatches cut into it but if you would prefer this to be done or to have bulkheads and deck lines added this can be done for a price. In addition it comes with this beautiful handmade paddle. This is a work of art in itself having a hollow shaft and feathered curved blades made from strips and covered with fibreglass cloth and epoxy resin.


Price: £5,800

Although this is a Sea Kayak, Kayaks come in many different types, sizes and styles. If you would like a Kayak made for more people or to a different design style or of a different kind please feel free to enquire.

Wood Strip Kayak Paddle

Enquire about Kayaks. See Ordering & Delivery for more information.

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