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  • Alick Burt

Building a Wood Canvas Canoe - Part 10

As this is to be a very fancy Wood Canvas Canoe it is painted with amazing Art work by Artist Sarah Burt. I took the hull to Sarah for painting and she completed the incredible artwork.. I gave it a few coats of clear varnish for extra protection and the end result of this is the stunning craft you see floating on the water below.

On the sides of the Canoe are scenes depicting the wildlife you might see around our rivers in the UK. There is a fabulous otter at one end. Behind a tree you can see a cheeky squirrel poking his head out. Ducks, Swans and a Fox also feature along with Red Kite, Deer and a Badger.

To get an even better view take a look at the video and if you wish to see this Beautiful Craft even closer at the workshop please let me know and I will arrange it. Once again thank you for reading this series and enjoy the video!




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