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The Dabchick Lightweight Open Canoe

Dabchick wooden canoe, 2-up on the water.

A 14ft lightweight boat for 1 or 2 people, with our unique registered design of adjustable & moveable single kneeling thwart. "Simply a joy to paddle"!

The concept of the Dabchick was born from the trend for lighter boats. The planking is in this example is Cedar and Pine with the fabulous striped “humbug” pattern. Constructed with both inner and outer stems to give strength where it matters. Made from Sycamore the gunwales are slightly slimmer than The Peterborough and are scuppered all the way up to the small decks at each end, which reduces weight and allows water to be poured out easily. The extra small decks can be made from striking English Yew or American Cherry, with a stripe of Sycamore, pointing the way ahead as you paddle. The choice is yours.

The design of the hull is based on the classic Peterborough but is 1” wider, slightly lower at the bow and stern, with a small amount more tumblehome at the sides. She has a full length brass keel strip for extra protection. The seat in the Dabchick is our very own design, an incredibly comfortable Kneeling Thwart (height adjustable & moveable within the boat). We have found the best combination is to have one fixed seat and one adjustable thwart which mean the boat is easily adapted for solo or tandem use. Ideal for two people paddling day trips, or extended excursions with minimal camping gear.

Price: £5,000


Length: 14ft

Width: 32”

Depth: 12”

Weight: 19-22kg (approx.)

There is also a range of optional extras available for this canoe.

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