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The Sunnyside Cruiser Canoe

The Sunnyside Cruiser wooden open canoe.

Introducing the Sunnyside Cruiser canoe: a timeless masterpiece originally crafted in 1912 by the renowned Walter Dean.

The elegance and functionality of the Sunnyside Cruiser canoe were so revered it made up 90 percent of Walter Dean's business, an icon of its era. Picture a vision of sleekness boasting a graceful silhouette accentuated by straight gunwales and stepped Sapele decks. Beneath this beauty lies a meticulously engineered hull with shallow vee bottom ensuring smooth tracking across vast waters while maintaining exceptional manoeuvrability thanks to the absence of a full keel.

Lightweight yet sturdy, the Sunnyside Cruiser features two slim thwarts, but if you prefer, seats, or our special adjustable thwarts, could also be fitted. The hull is predominantly cedar with pine accents, fortified with epoxy resin and fibreglass cloth giving extra durability. Every detail speaks of quality and craftsmanship, from the resilient Ash Gunwales and stems to the sturdy Oak cockpit coamings. Each element is meticulously selected to enhance both performance and aesthetics. A great easy paddling recreational canoe.

Price: £3500


Length: 16ft (4.88m)

Width: 30 3/4” (781mm)

Depth: 12 3/8” (315mm)

Weight: 25-30 kg

There is also a range of optional extras available for this canoe.

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