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Cornwall trip Day 2: Scraped knees and a Rocky landing from the Sea.

Hello Folks

Its been a while since I have posted and I have been doing some more recent trips but I think this one stands out because a bit of sea paddling was involved and this is something I rarely do.

Back in June you may remember we had a particularly dry spell of weather and we began the second day of our cornwall excursion with a little swimming in a lovely but rather rocky cove that Andrew new of.

It is a fabulous bit of coastline with awesome views like these.

We made our way down to the water and went for a swim unfortunately I found it a bit difficult as a swimming spot what with the swell and the rocks under the water that I managed to scrape both my knees on.

In fact it isn't as bad as it looks and I didn't even realise I had cut myself until I got out!

“Good job there are no sharks in these waters” I said as Andrew was still swimming...

Next we went for a walk along the cliffs again with more marvellous views.

We were getting hot again so Andrew went for another swim and I cooled my feet ( I kept my boots on so they would stay cool afterwards!) and made a small video of the water coming in around them.

We decided it was time for some canoeing but as this bit of coastline is not conducive we headed off to Gunwalloe.

We parked up where the signs say no overnight parking and carried Peterborough 1 down to the beach.

We got ourselves off the beach without too much trouble and paddled around the headland to the left.

We were looking for a place to land a short way up with the intention of paddling back the way we had come later.

The sea was bouncy so I took just two pictures whilst paddling.

and then we had a slightly scary landing at this beach where we suddenly noticed a number of rocks strewn along the shore as we were busy timing our landing with care because of the waves.

Rather than risk being dashed on the rocks launching again we decided I would wait with the boat whilst Andrew walked back and fetched the car so we took the boat up to the top of the beach.

I think I got the better deal as I managed to get myself an ice cream before the ice cream hut closed and then went for a short walk in the other direction where I saw a far more preferable landing beach that you might want to take note of if you are thinking of paddling this way.



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