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  • Alick Burt

Halloween on The Broads 2019 Day 2

Hello Folks

After the storm of the previous night you can see Nick’s event shelter was now dismantled but our tents were still standing.

As a result of the weather this blog is a slight departure from canoeing. Most days the weather is good enough and safe enough for a canoe trip but there are some types of weather that do push this to the limit. I have been known to paddle in February rain storms and occasionally you set off on a trip and it turns to rain so you put your coat on and keep paddling or you battle against an unexpected gusty wind because at the end of the day you have to get home!

On the other hand would you go out paddling on a day with 40mph winds and heavy rain not only forecast but starting when you get up? I decided against it and so did the whole of our group. Most of our party opted to go to the pub and watch the rugby, but as both Chris and I were not fans we decided to go for a walk.

The forecast was set to be worst later in the day so we set off in the morning to walk a section of the Weavers way. We began at the car park near the old Honing Railway Station.

After a brief look at the station ruins and information board we followed the line of the track in the opposite direction to this view.

The path is on the old railway line so is easy going and tree lined so quite sheltered, a real bonus on this windy day.

In a cutting we walked under this fabulous metal bridge which carries a road above.

There was a lot of fungi about. It seems this year has been very good for them and we saw many different kinds throughout the day.

Part of our aim was to walk a part of the Dilham Canal that we have paddled in our canoes and seen people walking alongside. After a small diversion down one path we found our way to Honing lock where we have previously stopped for lunch and saw the trust have been busy clearing the area.

We followed the path on the far side of the lock. A lovely tree lined section that opens out onto a rather muddy meadow path.

we passed the camping pods

and crossed the tonnage bridge that I have paddled under many a time.It made a change to walk over it instead!

Further along the path moves away from the waters edge for a while although the ground was still very wet and boggy underfoot.

Then we were able to rejoin the disused railway in the shelter of some trees.

Fungi were abundant.

It wasn’t long before we returned to the station where the walk began.

we didn’t wait around :-)

On the sunday the weather was much improved complete with sunshine and we returned to the Dilham Canal but this time it was by Canoe.



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