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  • Alick Burt

My first taste of the River Wensum ,Swanton Morley to Attlebridge.

I had never been on the River Wensum so when Andrew suggested we go for a paddle on it on our way to the Cwav Frostbite meet I was happy to give it a go.

As with any river one has not paddled before it is interesting to find out what it will be like. Will it be wide or narrow, sheltered or open to the elements? Filled with natural features and wildlife or running through towns and cities.

Our put in was near a bend and actually starts on a backwater that joins the Wensum near Swanton Morley.

We made our way to the waters edge under a grey February sky and set off.

Andrew at the put in

It wasn't long into our journey that we saw a gaggle of geese walking neatly along the bank.

Geese in line!

Paddling in February does have its compensations. One of which is that it enables you to catch shots like this where the light on the water is quite unlike anything you get on a sunny day.

interesting light on the water.

I also love the way the trees become skeletal silhouettes in these conditions.

The river was what I like to call a comfortable width. Not too wide so you are not blown about but narrow enough to give a little interest as it twists and turns.

At a convenient bend with a handy wind break of a tree we stopped for lunch where we had an excellent view of grassy banks.

Handy windbreak for lunch

The wind was cold but we knew the forecast was due to improve for the weekend so were not peturbed and set off again.

setting off again after lunch

Andrew left me behind as I kept slowing to take pictures.

You can see Andrew is a green speck in the distance

Property at the riverside became bigger with additional interesting outbuildings like this one. I always like things that are hexagonal or octagonal though I can't think why..

This splash of red had me reach for my camera in an otherwise brown and green landscape.

We paddled on and reached our get out near Attlebridge in good time to make our way to to Ludham Bridge for the frostbite meet.

At the take out

The verdict on the Wensum is of course that it is a fabulous quiet stretch of river not to be missed.

Happy Paddling!


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