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  • Alick Burt

Early Autumn on the Nene.

Hello Folks

Recent problems with my computer have prevented me doing any blogs for a while and now at last I can catch up with a paddle I did last Saturday which turned out to be a particularly fine early Autumn day.

The route I took was from Stibbington to ferry meadows and back and when I set off it was quite cool and cloudy with the sun only just beginning to show through the clouds.

I had a break at the head of the backwater around Alwalton Lock and have to say I am still pleased with the performance of my new light weight airless trolley wheels despite their garish colour.

As it was such a nice day I also stopped at the bottom of the lock and took this picture of Peterborough 1 Tied to the floating pontoon.

on what is rapidly becoming my favourite stretch of this river the water was like a millpond.

and as I made my way down river this continued pretty much all the way to Gunwade lake.

On the lake the wind got up but I wasn't far from the cafe and was early so decided to have cake as an extra and then have lunch on my way back.

Since my last visit a new sculpture had appeared.

I had Cake by the lake and then returned the way I had come where I found a nice spot to pull in for lunch.

Back on the water it was still quite calm apart from the occasional breeze against me but I found I was still making rapid progress. Perhaps the chocolate cake helped!

Although clouds began to build I didn't actually get rained on and continued to the top of Water Newton lock.

The leaves are on the turn and I tried to capture that with this picture but it doesn't quite do them justice.

Nearing my destination I also noticed some English longhorn cows.I'm not sure that one horn up and one horn down is a good look.

That's all for now except to leave you with a video of some geese which took flight in front of me as I left the lake.

Happy Paddling!


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