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  • Alick Burt

Felix's Canoe floats without leaks at Beale Park Boat Show Day 2.

Day 2 began on the cloudy side and some of us headed out for an early morning paddle before the gates opened.

Felix's canoe was leak free probably as a result of the dampness in the air and the rain in the night and I paddled around to take a picture of these rather fine tugs.

Ian had put up a sign by the waters edge that was a little worrying.

Charles had a canoe well heeled over

There was also a rather fine painted canoe on the water.

Later in the day there was a demonstration by these Newfoundland dogs

who have been trained to rescue people in danger of drowning.

Out on the lake there was more boating action as this Yacht passed in front of me.

I think this coot may have stayed in this spot most of the weekend watching us passing by.

At the end of the day all was calm again.

and I did a tour of the lake edge where I saw these lovely steam boats.

We were treated to another beautiful sunset

and I was tricked into having ago in this rather narrow hulled Nakoma which I soon got the hang of in the dark. It is rather like skiing in a white out you end up paddling by feel rather than relying on your eyesight so much and although I started off a bit tentatively to begin with I soon got the hang of it.

and so ended another fabulous day.



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