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  • Alick Burt

Felix's Canoe takes to the Water at Beale Park Boatshow Day 1.

Hello Folks

After spending a long weekend at Hay on Wye for the OCA Canoefest ( more on that later) I returned to the workshop to pick up Felix's Canoe to take her on her first official outing.

This was to be with my WCHA friends and other wooden canoes at Beale Park Boat Show.

I was able to fit both the Dabchick and Felix's Canoe on my roof rack with the aid of some extension bars I had made from Iroko.

The drive down had dampened the hull and after a few test runs any leaking soon stopped. By the morning I was able to take her for a paddle in the mist without getting wet apart from the dew on the grass.

As I paddled around the lake I had some strange looks

With mission accomplished we took our boats back to set up our display where Felix's Canoe took pride of place with Nick's Chestnut and Peterborough rib.

After the first day I got to paddle her again and you can see clearly no leaks. Any initial leaks were I think coming from the stem that I didn't treat with a pour of varnish on the inside so once she is dry I shall be repeating the process I did at the opposite end that is now sealed.

The day ended with a fine sunset but this was not the best one of the weekend as you will see as I continue next time.




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