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  • Alick Burt

A Sunny Spring day on the Nene

Hello Folks

It is such a long time since my last paddle I was beginning to get withdrawal symptoms.Every weekend in March seems to have been foul weather usually accompanied by strong winds so when I checked the forecast on Friday I was relived to see only light winds and some sunshine.

I got to the workshop reasonably early and was at the waters edge by 9 am.

Once on the water I noticed it was quite still, and what breeze there was, was pushing me along against the current nicely. I soon passed the boatyard and then saw this rather smart new boat house. I hope it will house a lovely wooden boat.

A little further on I was sad to see the remains of one of my favourite trees. It had been hanging onto the waters edge for quite some time now and I often photographed it as it had grain you could see faces in and things like that. The middle has finally rotted out and it has fallen.

I stopped for coffee just past my usual spot as the water seemed a bit low to the bank.I was going to get out until I found out the boat would stay put as I was surrounded by weeds so I had coffee on board.

The clouds were looking amazing so I thought they deserved a picture.

I reached wansford lock and passed my boat up through the fence.

As I reached Yarwell the wind got up again it always does seem to be breezy around this section.

Once through the lock I paddled past a scene of carnage as some boats had been sunk.

I decided a drink was in order to calm things down so headed to the queens head at Nassington where I had a pint of Osprey.

The Beer garden here is often empty like this and I can't think why especially on a glorious day like this.

I resumed my paddle with a heron in front of me.It kept on taking off whenever I got close enough to take a picture until I found it under this bridge as I passed under.

I had my lunch by Elton Mill. I've often dreamt it would make a fabulous water powered workshop....

My return journey was via Yarwell backwater. With high water levels and minimal weed growth it was too good an opportunity to pass by.(In low water there are obstructions in the form of bits of an old bridge I would rather not paddle over ) but when it is high you can clear them with ease.

The water was flowing fast.

I made rapid progress and soon reached the slower part of the backwater where it meanders gently back to the main river.

The willows were looking photogenic as I passed them on the way back to wansford.

I had a tea break at Wansford lock and shortly after met a few cata-canoes coming up river towards me. They were a D of E group being guided by my friend Mike Fennel who those on Sotp will know as potty paddler. I didn't expect to see him this far from Stoke!

Shortly after that I was back.

A wonderful sunny paddle in spring time!



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