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  • Alick Burt

A Tranquil Paddle on a Foggy Great Ouse.

Some might say "why do you paddle on a day like this?" and I find it difficult to answer but all I know is that it is enjoyable at the time and afterwards one does feel invigorated!

I arrived at Houghton Mill where I met up with Nick, Al, Pete and Andy,The roads were clear with it being holiday time for most so we all had easy journeys.

I have done this paddle before but not at this time of year and a change of season isn't a bad thing it's just different.

I took a picture of the mill whilst Al and Nick checked out the put in.

A short while later with plenty of layers to keep the cold at bay we were on our way.

At times the wind which was minimal was against us and we began by travelling up river.The fog wasn't lifting but our spirits were as shortly before setting off Al had given us a glass of mulled wine.

I don't know how old this boat house is but it looks old and I like it so I took a picture.

A little further on we passed this church and I'm Sure Andy got a better picture of it than me as he was further back so would have had less tree covering the tower!

The river widened as we came towards Huntingdon and the bridge was almost obscured by fog.

On the wall to our right I saw this sign for the Bridge Hotel. I'm not sure if it is quite as visible in summer.

We turned left and paddled through the arches of this brick bridge.

Then we took another left fork and made our way to our lunch spot where we all cooled as we ate and were eager to get back on the water and warm up.

Once back on the water despite occasional glimpses of the sun it was clear that the fog was there to stay and the sheep were using it for camouflage.

and Nick was blending into the surroundings.

It was perhaps a little brighter as I paddled under this bridge.

But once again as we reached our final destination the fog began to roll in whilst I was taking this final shot of the Mill.

Thanks go to Nick for organising and to all who attended a foggy but most enjoyable day out.



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