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  • Alick Burt

Rudder Fittings have returned from the Foundry.

Hello Folks

I have been busy with furniture work this week but in the meantime the rudder fittings for the sailing rig returned from the foundry.

They have come out quite well though I will be doing more work on them before they are ready.

The first thing they need is to have the parts filed so they fit together properly as despite all efforts to get this dimension right it will always require some adjustment as the castings are not exact. You can see how they were to begin with in the first picture.

Anyway I put the parts in the vice and filed away carefully checking with a square and calipers until hey presto!

I still have the pivot holes and screw holes to drill and I think I will polish up the surface to make them nice and shiny too but for now I have other work to be getting on with so they will have to wait.



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