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  • Alick Burt

Wansford lock for lunch and back.

Hello Folks

With household chores to do in the morning I didn't have much time for paddling today but I wanted to do a short paddle up to Wansford lock, have lunch and return.

Whilst researching leeboards on line for my sailing rig ( see my other blog )I also came across a site ran by a chap called Vic, called The site is all about leeboards and Vic likes to collect pictures of them so I gave him some of the one's I am making for my canoe. My friend Jason has just finished doing up his Dutch barge ( for sale) which has leeboards on it so I wanted to take a picture of it to send to Vic too and it was on route.

I also wanted to test my latest paddle which has a new type of oil finish on it. I was on the Nene by about 11.30

As I approached the Station I could see they were having a diesel day.(They are ok and I can remember going on them as a youngster when they ran on time and you had a seat. Good old British Snail!)but I do prefer the way a steam trains looks. (I think the one in the picture is a Brush one of some sort.)

Just past the bridge I saw this swan behaving slightly strangely.enquiries have revealed he is just having fun splashing around and having a bath!

A little further up river I reached Jason's Barge and took a picture for Vic.

The river was super flat and calm despite the forecast saying 10 mile an hour winds, it was very still.

A little further up I found free food.

and they were very tasty too.( notice I left the last one as it looked a little grotty! )

The next thing I came across was well...I'm not sure what it is but it begs the question how come the E.A. can spend money on this thingumy whatever it is and I'm sure it will see lots of use errm as what I am unsure? And yet they can't afford to put a few bits of wood on some canoe portages.

Calm down and look at the interesting bendy branches in this next picture I say to myself.

Around about here I noticed the oil finish I was testing wasn't up to the job.I didn't expect it to work but was Ok for nearly an hour. It comes in a two pack version and this will be my next experiment.

Approaching the lock I decided to take a look at the channel on the left though I didn't go far as the water level was too low but I did have a little ferry gliding practise.

When I got to the lock it was almost starting to rain but I sat down and had lunch and the view was pleasant enough. As I ate I heard the occasional kingfisher whistling in the greenery.

I made my way back and the sun shone intermittently and the water was like a millpond.

With nearby foliage dying back for the winter I was able to get a good picture of this obelisk.

and I also got a close up Jason's leeboard!

As I passed under the railway bridge I caught a double header of diesels ( English Electric type 3 possibly)

and then I was back in time to see what effect a scub with white spirit has on the inside of the 100+ year old canoe I am restoring.

Happy Paddling!


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