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  • Alick Burt

Lack of water halts progress on the Grantham Canal

Last Sunday I decided it might be a good time to revisit the Grantham Canal.

I arrived at the parking spaces by the put in to find someone else was leaving so that was good timing.I sorted out my kit went to inspect the put in, and put my boat on my trolley.The path is not as long as my picture makes it look but I was feeling lazy.

On the water I noticed it was quite weed clogged making progress slow but it wasn't the kind of weed that latches onto the boat and gets dragged along with you so it wasn't too bad. I was in a very relaxed mood with no timing to follow or destination in mind. I was on Canoe time..

Although it was warm there were a few clouds in the sky but they were not rain clouds so it stayed dry.

Luckily I hit a clear weed free patch of water.

but it didn't last for long before I was back in the pea green soup.

I reached the first lock where the dredgers were moored. They didn't look like they were about to be used.

I sat and had a cuppa before going to inspect beyond the lock.It was then that I noticed a slight problem..

The lock had been drained so low I couldn't get onto the water. No fear I thought I will just put my boat on my trolley.

However ,further inspection revealed that further up I had one very short section before the next lock and then after that the weeds and reeds took over so it was impassable.

There was also a sign on the gate about ongoing maintenance work on some of the locks hence the drainage of the water!

There was however one bonus.The last time I was here the pub was closed for refurbishment but now it was fully open and operational.

I had my sandwiches by the lock and then indulged in a pint.


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