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  • Alick Burt

River Thet onto The little Ouse

Hello Folks

The River Thet is one I hadn't heard of until my Cwav (see friend Andrew mentioned it to me.

We decided on a trip that would take us down the Thet and onto the Little Ouse ending at Santon Downham near this bridge where we left one of our cars for the shuttle.

The put in was slightly more overgrown and tricky

The flow was strong as we pushed off avoiding the first of many overhanging branches.

As we paddled on there were more branches and I quickly became adept at picking my way through the overhanging maze being careful not to hold the branches as this can lead to your canoe being swept from under you.

Soon the branches became bigger as there were tree trunks across our route due to some felling.It seems somebody is at work clearing this stretch of the river and as we paddled further it became totally clear.

We made rapid progress to Thetford where we saw this mill with the water thundering through underneath it.

From here on the river is both wider and more widely used so our progress was much easier.

This water weed has a lovely minty smell, perhaps it is water mint?

On a previous paddle when river levels were lower Andrew had found them a bit of a hindrance but we had no problem and made swift progress.

We were soon at Sandton Down and our get out point.

This trip was a bit of a hack and scramble through the overhanging trees on the first section but it was all very enjoyable with a very wild feel about it.



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