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  • Alick Burt

River Ouse Kempton to Great Barford

Great Ouse Kempston to Great Barford

This is a paddle I have done twice before that seems to be becoming a regular fixture in my year.

It is organised by my friend and fellow O.C.A member Pancho.We met at the end of Mill Lane in Kempston (It is surprising how many paddles begin in mill lane or mill road somewhere!)

we unloaded boats and then took cars to the end of the route at Great Barford before returning in as few cars as possible to the start. This is known as a shuttle and is a necessary part of many river trips especially where the flow makes a return trip impractical.

A short while later we were off and for once we were lucky enough to be paddling in the sun.

It wasn't long before we became spread out and the weather changed a little making the water a little choppy in places.

As we approached town we were warned that a rowing race was imminent so we kept to the right hand side of the river and I photographed this impressive building.

The route has some lovely trees like this beauty.

and I got a cracking shot of this Heron which was usually slow to take off as we approached.

As we paddled on the weather was variable but still pleasantly mild.

On the left bank were some interesting properties.

At the end of the route is this fabulous bridge and thanks go to Pancho for organising a great day.

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