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  • Alick Burt

Easter on The Norfolk Broads Part 3

Day 3.

Sunday's weather was set to be windy which means (for those not in the know) hard paddling!

To make life easier in these circumstances one of the best things you can do is paddle tandem i.e two people per canoe.

With this in mind Nick offered me the bow seat in his lovely Bell Canoe works boat. Its not wooden but it doesn't half shift! (We could have gone in Peterborough 1 but my seats and air bags would have needed to be moved around.)

The plan was to drive to Wroxham and use Roy's long stay Car park until we discovered it was closed because of the bank holiday so we hurriedly unloaded just outside the car park before those with cars found somewhere else to park.

Finally we were off

As we paddled along we were also aware that rain was expected and I got a nice shot of the reflection of some impending clouds.

Despite the cool conditions there was plenty of witty banter as we rounded the meanders in the river.

Further on a good looking motor cruiser passed us.

and we passed this boathouse that looks remarkably similar to the Eel man's cottage I saw on another one of my broads paddles.

There was a pretty church ahead signalling civilisation

and then we arrived at our lunch stop, rather inappropriately called The Rising Sun!

I say that because by the time I had nipped in to fetch a couple of pints, the heavens opened and we were in a deluge.

We retreated to the pub for shelter until the rain which was heavy but short lived had passed and then we got ready for the return journey starting by emptying out rainwater from boats!

Despite the rain a good time was had by all and thanks go to Nick for organising :-)

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