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  • Alick Burt

A Super Sunny day on the Nene.

River Nene Stibbington to the Boathouse pub and back.

The river was like a mill pond with just the occasional light breeze which was usually a slight cross wind which assisted with paddling by pushing the hull gently on track against my paddle stroke.

The bridge at ferry meadows was looking especially fine reflected in the mirror like surface of the water.

Paddling a canoe gives you the opportunity to see wild life in a whole new light as you come very close to animals and birds around you like this heron which took flight as I approached.

I reached the Boathouse Pub had a pint and then sat eating my lunch on the grass. As I ate a swan and cygnets appeared. I think they are used to being fed from this spot.

Back on the water I loved the view of these trees following the curve of the river.

Another feature of the River Nene is the Nene Valley railway that follows the river and crosses it here where I was lucky enough to see the train going across.

As I made my way back at my final tea stop I was joined by a lovely bright green cricket. It seems the wildlife is attracted to my canoe!

A stunning day of easy paddling on a fabulous stretch of the Nene.

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