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Wood Strip Canoes, Kayaks, Kits, Paddles & Accessories

Wooden Canoes For Sale

Classic Canadian wood strip design canoes, easy to turn, swift in a straight line, at home on rivers & lakes.

Wooden Kayaks For Sale

Fabulous custom made wood strip kayaks, personalised to suit your needs.

Wooden Canoe Kits

Make a canoe of your choice. Imagine how wonderful it is to paddle a canoe you have made yourself!

Wooden Canoe Paddles For Sale

Traditional wooden paddles, choose from a range of paddle shapes & materials.

Wooden Canoe Accessories

Accessorise your craft with a Wannigan or moveable Kneeling Thwart.

Wooden Canoe Restoration & Refurnishment

Got a canoe needing some TLC, or with worm eaten woodwork? Check out our refurbishment & restoration service.

Blog Articles About Canoeing
About Wooden Canoes
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Tales from the river, recent trips & workshop build projects, tips & tricks.

The inside story of the craftsman & his workshop. Canoe repairs & restoration.

We're based in the East Midlands, UK, get in touch with your enquiries.

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