Why You Should Paddle The Norfolk Broads.

Canoeing means different things to different people. For some it is the thrill of blasting down rapids on a fast moving river using your paddling skills to keep yourself from capsizing or hitting rocks but for me it is the joy of being utterly away from it all in a place of pure tranquillity and calm waters.The Norfolk Broads offer this with the added bonus of lovely big wide open spaces with acres of sky. Sometimes being alone can be difficult with so many boats around but although larger than my wooden canoes are also beautiful pieces of craftsmanship.

Lakes can get choppy if the wind gets up so it always good to be prepared for a change in the weather.

Opportunities for seeing wildlife abound like these swans crossing my path.

Is that a sign of good luck?

You also get to see pretty buildings like this lovely green boathouse.

Once off the broad there are also small rivers to explore like this one.

and when you get back onto the wide open expanses you might be lucky enough to be treated to a stunning view like this one.

and when the day is done and you return to camp with all that wide open sky there is often a wonderful sunset.



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