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  • Alick Burt

Easter on The Broads a Deer and two Otters Day 2

On the Saturday I decided to get up early and go for a pre-breakfast paddle to see if could see another otter. I had seen one last year so was hopeful of doing it again.

I got down to the landing stage as the sun was beginning to rise.

The water was reasonably flat and I could see geese ahead.

As I made my way out onto the Broad I could hear them too.

Then as I got nearer too them they took off erupting in a cacophony. Fat chance of seeing anything now I thought!

I paddled closer to the banks and kept eyes and ears open. I think I may have heard otter calls but didn't see them.

Reaching Neatishead I found the light was very photogenic.

I returned to the broad as I was feeling hungry.

I paddled back quickly just stopping briefly to take an arty shot of my Nootka paddle.

When I returned it looked like it had been snowing or else someone had been throwing confetti on everything but it was merely the blossom off the trees.

Whilst having breakfast a little entertainment unfolded as a couple of cars got stuck in the bottom of the field due to the previous night's rain.

Our main paddle trip for the day began at Wroxham Yacht Club and we set off around 10am. Once on the water we were soon caught up by a lovely Yacht.

Every now and again we would overtake.

and then he would overtake us when the wind got up again. Eventually we reached a bend in the river and left him behind us.

We stopped for lunch opposite a pub where I found another use for the point on my Nootka paddle.

Paddling on I took this shot to compare the size of Als boat to Nick's Chestnut (behind).

We reached Ludham a bit later than planned and I saw this boat with leeboards which are becoming a fascination of mine.

Leaving, Ludham after a second lunch we headed back to Barton Broad passing The eel man's hut and windpumps.

Once on the Broad the wind had got up so we paddled hard up one side before crossing where it was narrower and less windy.

After such a hard paddle I decided to go for a walk before tea around the nature reserve. On passing of one of the hides in front of a pond I noticed the big brown back of a deer amongst the grass.

It raised its head as I slowly got my camera out of my pocket but I was only able to get this shot and one other which was blurred before it noticed me and took off.

Still it made a great end to a fabulous day. I hadn't seen any otters yet though and was determined to try again next day.



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