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  • Alick Burt

Easter on The Norfolk Broads Day 1.

Easter Weekend on the Norfolk Broads Day 1.

Having been ill for so long with the flu and then with a bad back I was desperate to get back to the water and do some paddling when I arrived at Barton Turf Adventure centre on Friday afternoon.

I set up camp quickly and headed down to the Staith where I found the weather was quite pleasant with a minimal breeze and a bit of sun.

The access to the water here is good and it is an easy matter to slip my boat into the water from my trolley.

This was also b to be the first testing of the Concensus Paddle that I made recently (see my previous blog) and I also wanted to try this out

I made my way out onto the water and headed right to Barton Broad as I suspected from the weekend weather forecast that this might be the only chance I would get to get onto the open water of the broad itself.

The paddle proved to be very nice and easy to use as the blade is not wide and cumbersome and well suited to deep water.There is something very pleasing about being on a large expanse of open water like this on a sunny day.

At the end of the broad I made my way up the river Ant a short distance ever consious of the fact that I wanted to return in time to have enough daylight to cook my tea and I also wanted to have a coffee break before my return so I kept an eye out for a convenient spot.

I found one just around this bend where some wood cutting activity had been going on and hauled out to watch the many passing cruisers all looking for their moorings for the night

Whilst drinking my coffee I took this picture of Peterborough no1's prow still looking like new after 6 yrs.

and then I returned the way I had come as the light began to fade on a lovely afternoon paddle.

Stay tuned for Day 2 where we battle against the wind on Saturday!

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