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My First Wood Canvas Canoe build Part 3

The stem to gunwale joints can be made in a variety of ways but it is usually some form of open tenon or bridle joint. Even so to many people it doesn’t resemble a mortice and tenon very much and I have to agree its not much like those used in furniture making. First a tenon is cut on the top of the stem.The stem can be trimmed down a little to make this easier but it is still a little tricky with the stem moving around. I carefully cut the shoulders of the joint with my Japanese pullsaw before paring down each side with a chisel taking care to watch the grain in case it decided to run into the tenon itself. If it does start doing that I stop and work across the face of the joint from each s

My First Wood Canvas Canoe Build Part 2

With the extra planking prepared I could continue planking. On consulting books and the W.C.H,A forum it seemed that just wetting the planks with hot water was supposed to be enough to get them to bend. I found this was not enough for my planking as I kept getting splits. Usually at the worst time when I was putting in the last tack! I found it helped if I wetted the planks well and left them overnight to soak and for some pieces I even steamed the ends a little where the twisting and bending was at its greatest. I also found the tacks weren’t quite driving home tightly as I would have liked and there was some bouncing of the ribs against the form. At the time this concerned me but it was ea

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