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A Short Circuit near Woodwalton Fen.

Hello Folks I find myself at home for a few weeks laid up with Pericarditis (an inflammation of the lining of the heart probably caused by a virus.)This is a bad thing from many points of view but at least whilst there isn’t much I can do about it aside from resting and taking lots of brufen tablets it does give me time to catch up on a blog or two. This trip finds Andrew and I paddling a small circular route near Woodwalton fen. We had done a part of the trip before with the same aim but on the previous visit when we got to our portage point from one ditch to another we found the second ditch impassable due to low water levels. We began near the nature reserve scrambling down a grassy bank

Halloween on The Broads 2019 Day 2

Hello Folks After the storm of the previous night you can see Nick’s event shelter was now dismantled but our tents were still standing. As a result of the weather this blog is a slight departure from canoeing. Most days the weather is good enough and safe enough for a canoe trip but there are some types of weather that do push this to the limit. I have been known to paddle in February rain storms and occasionally you set off on a trip and it turns to rain so you put your coat on and keep paddling or you battle against an unexpected gusty wind because at the end of the day you have to get home! On the other hand would you go out paddling on a day with 40mph winds and heavy rain not only fore

Halloween On The Broads 2019 Day 1.

Hello Folks It seems with the way things are going I seem to have less and less time for writing blogs and I am beginning to wonder if anyone has the time to read the them so please do let me know if you are enjoying them. The internet and all things computer related seem to take longer and require more attention than they used to. I recently changed from windows 7 to windows 10 and have found nothing to recommend it so far. I think they named it windows 10 because everything seems to take 10 times longer! Anyway rant over lets get on with the story. I got to Barton Turf Adventure centre last Friday afternoon where I found Chris setting up his tent and so I pitched mine to the right of Nick’

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