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Cwav Annual Frostbite Meet 2018

Some may be confused by this title as technically Cwav (Canoe with a View) no longer exists as the forum it once was but a few of the die hard members still keep up the tradition of the Frostbite meet Once a year at Ludham Bridge in Norfolk. 2018 sees us without our leader as Nige had messed up his holiday entitlements so was unable to attend. The day before arrival I had been paddling with Andrew on the Wensum so it was the 22nd February when we arrived and pitched our tents. The site is adjacent to the Dog Inn where we are given a warm welcome and are able to get a good meal at night as well as lashings of fine Ale. Very handy in mid February after a days paddle. As I was pitching my tent

How to inlay a loon into your paddle grip!

Hello Folks I was discussing paddle options with one of my clients and he expressed an interest in the Boni Youka style grip that I made on one of my paddles. I explained that it is very comfortable and I like it but it isn't true to the original design as that has a birds head carved into it and is assymetric in shape. Later after some thought he emailed me and asked if I could carve a loon onto the grip. I gave it some more thought and replied that it might look better and be more comfortable if it was done as an inlay. I was also making a canoe for him so had plenty of time for experiment. I decided I would do a test inlay of a loon on my own paddle as I liked the idea and so this project

My first taste of the River Wensum ,Swanton Morley to Attlebridge.

I had never been on the River Wensum so when Andrew suggested we go for a paddle on it on our way to the Cwav Frostbite meet I was happy to give it a go. As with any river one has not paddled before it is interesting to find out what it will be like. Will it be wide or narrow, sheltered or open to the elements? Filled with natural features and wildlife or running through towns and cities. Our put in was near a bend and actually starts on a backwater that joins the Wensum near Swanton Morley. We made our way to the waters edge under a grey February sky and set off. It wasn't long into our journey that we saw a gaggle of geese walking neatly along the bank. Paddling in February does have its c

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