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Felix's Canoe. She Floats!

Hello Folks As the weather forecast for yesterday was good I decided it would be an opportune moment to have a test launch of Felix's Canoe. I hatched a plan which was to put her in the water for a few hours to see what happened whilst I went for a short paddle in Peterborough 1 had my lunch and returned. If on my return she hadn't leaked then I would go for a paddle in Felix's Canoe. I began by slipping Felix's Canoe into the water. There was no immediate leakage. So I tied her up and took a picture of her in the water from Peterborough 1. Then I went off for a short paddle down river to Alwalton and at the same time I tested the Anula paddle that I made whilst teaching Robbie to make a pad

Felix's Canoe, New thwart tags, a distressing experience!

Felix's Canoe, New thwart tags, a distressing experience! Hi Folks I have given her a few good doses of varnish and she has been drying out for a week or so maybe two but in the meantime I have been playing with new thwart tags and have taken delivery of an engraved plate that documents a little of her history and which I will put on the deck covering ugly holes where a plate (possibly a Thames conservancy one) was before, that is now long gone. The tags that were on her were plain and unadorned (probably to avoid import duties)and one was completely rusted and didn't match the rest. Having seen pictures of old Thomas Gordon Tags on the W.C.H.A. site I initially tried to track down letter st

A Paddle Making Course for One Man and his Dog!

Hello Folks Although I come from two generations of them! I am not a teacher by profession so I am a little apprehensive whenever I do a paddle making course for people. So far every time I have done it my fears are unfounded and things go fine and that turned out to be the case this time as well. This time Robbie was my only student. I advertised the course but once again I failed to attract more takers. I don't mind this as it gives me the time to make another paddle alongside which I can sell and the students like it as they get full on one to one tuition. Robbie pointed out to me that I should make more of the fabulous location of the workshop even though for those who are used to full o

My First Stitch and Glue Canoe, Varnishing.

Hello Folks Sorry about the delay with this blog as you may have seen, I have been busy paddling and doing paddling blogs. If I can I always like to set up my canoes for varnishing in such a way that I can put a coat on the inside and outside at the same time. I made up some temporary supports and bolted them to the seat blocks so that once the inside has been coated the hull can be turned over. The coating of the outside is always easier than the inside. In both cases it is important to keep a wet edge on the varnish as you work. I like to work clockwise starting at one end and working quickly around the hull before it gets too dry. Some like to use rollers for this but after some practice

A Very Big Boat on the River Soar!

Hello Folks Yesterday I went to paddle on the River Soar with my WCHA friends and one very large canoe! Our put in was at the Boathouse at Barrow on Soar where we were the host of Colin Broadway who owns the pub and we took the opportunity to have a Sunday lunch on our return. A wide variety of craft began to appear. Some of which you may have seen before like these two unidentified floating objects. Pic1 Part of the reason for today's paddle was to see this boat which belongs to Colin back on the water. She is a Chestnut Ogilvy named because the design was made by the Chestnut Canoe Company for the Ogilvy family who wanted a large stable canoe for hunting and fishing etc and she is a whoppi

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