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Felix's Canoe, At last Varnishing begins

Hello Folks I know this stage has been a long time coming and of all the stages this is the one that should not be rushed. When I was being taught how to make furniture it was drummed into me that a mistake at the finishing stage can be the most costly of all. Think of it this way. You have just spent a long time making something or in this case stripping off the old finish and if it goes wrong you could end up having to do it all again. With this in mind I come to another point about wood finishing. There are many different methods to achieve a good finish and many different materials that can be used. Although I have been using varnish for many years it does no harm to read someone else's

A birthday, a re-launch of an Old Town Otca and a seal is spotted on the Great Ouse.

Sometimes you go for a paddle and think nothing really happened but this is rare. This time I went for a paddle and a whole lot of things happened. It was Nicks birthday and he planned a trip on the Great Ouse with a view to having lunch complete with cake and a celebratory beer on an island. We started our trip from the car park of the Dolphin Hotel in St Ives. The put in was easy off a grassy bank. As we emerged onto the main river you could see this old bridge to our right. I had passed through the bridge way years ago when I paddled the length of the Great Ouse in sections but this time we were heading up river so turned left. The forecast was for sunnier weather but it stayed cloudy mos

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