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A Tranquil Paddle on a Foggy Great Ouse.

Some might say "why do you paddle on a day like this?" and I find it difficult to answer but all I know is that it is enjoyable at the time and afterwards one does feel invigorated! I arrived at Houghton Mill where I met up with Nick, Al, Pete and Andy,The roads were clear with it being holiday time for most so we all had easy journeys. I have done this paddle before but not at this time of year and a change of season isn't a bad thing it's just different. I took a picture of the mill whilst Al and Nick checked out the put in. A short while later with plenty of layers to keep the cold at bay we were on our way. At times the wind which was minimal was against us and we began by travelling up

A Sunny Winters Day on Ullswater

On Saturday I got up early, very early in fact it was 4.30am and I was off to the lake district for a paddle on Ullswater. I planned to meet my friends Andy and Andrew at Glencoyne Bridge Car park a national trust extortion point where I was relieved of £6.50 for a days parking. I arrived early at 9.00 am and waited 20 mins or so by which time they too arrived. Whilst waiting I took the first of my pictures. The others opted to forgo the parking charges and park in a nearby lay by and in truth I could have done that too but I had paid for my parking before they arrived and at the time didn't know how long they would be. They drove to their put in and I got in and paddled over. When I started

Rudder Fittings have returned from the Foundry.

Hello Folks I have been busy with furniture work this week but in the meantime the rudder fittings for the sailing rig returned from the foundry. They have come out quite well though I will be doing more work on them before they are ready. The first thing they need is to have the parts filed so they fit together properly as despite all efforts to get this dimension right it will always require some adjustment as the castings are not exact. You can see how they were to begin with in the first picture. Anyway I put the parts in the vice and filed away carefully checking with a square and calipers until hey presto! I still have the pivot holes and screw holes to drill and I think I will polish

Felix's Canoe lessons in rib fitting (given to me by the ribs themselves!)

Hello Folks Following further discussion on the W.C.H.A. Forum it appears the ribs are most likely made oof Rock Elm. The trouble is although I have some offcuts of Elm in my workshop they are English so they just don't look right and as it happens the Oak I bent earlier is a much better match in terms of colour and grain so I have decided to proceed with that. Now the next consideration is the tacks. Nick popped over to my workshop on Saturday and delivered the tacks he had but Unfortunately although they are the right shape and size they are brass instead of copper so won't match in looks.A minute after he left the tacks I had ordered on Sam's recommendation arrived. Here is a picture show

Felix's Canoe steaming ribs.

Felix's Canoe, Bending replacement ribs. Hi folks Although I am still unsure what the ribs are made of I have been getting some steaming practice in as it is not a process that I have used often. At first I examined the ribs and noticed they have very little discernable grain or character which prompted me to think they might be poplar. I prepared some bits of poplar from my off cut pile by planing to thickness, rounding the edges and routing them to a semi circle before slicing them off on the circular saw. They were then put in my steamer as before and left to cook for a couple of hours. I found they bent relatively easily and I was able to bend some and leave them to set inside the hull h

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