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Repairing Minor Damage to your Hull caused by hitting rocks on rapids!

How to repair damage from paddling your woodstrip canoe on moving water. Hello folks At the Song of the Paddle Big meet this year thanks to Greg Spencer I got the opportunity to paddle my wooden canoe on moving water for the first time. I have dabbled in this concept a little, partly when I knew no better on the Towy in Wales and when I knew a little more I paddled through Symonds Yat on the Wye but on both occasions I had no instruction so it was great to have Greg and other experienced paddlers with me to help me learn and improve my skills. On this sort of water with rocks under you it is unlikely that your boat will survive unscathed but do not worry all damage ranging from minor scratch

SOTP Big Meet Day 3 A lovely jaunt on the Ripon Canal.

Sunday morning saw the River Ure in full flow so I decided I would go for a gentle bimble along the Ripon Canal. I didn't fancy driving to the put in and my car was well tied to my tarp and tent set up so I opted to walk to the start point in town using my trolley.Greg lent me the map the night before and with directions from some of the more local members of our gathering I set off along quiet roads along footpaths that were just wide enough in places and soon reached the put in. The canal was a complete contrast to the bubbling cauldron of the Ure being like a sheet of glass reflecting the street lights perfectly even though they were switched off. This part of the route is through town bu

SOTP Big Meet Day 2 River Ure Ripon to Boroughbridge.

Saturday began a bit dull and wet looking with a grey sky.The river level had risen a little since my arrival and the plan was to paddle from our camp at Ripon to the junction with the Ripon Canal using it as our route back or alternatively those with an excess of energy and determination (like me!)could paddle on to Boroughbridge where Greg would collect them and shuttle them back. We began by getting ourselves onto the water using the beach for access. After finding myself grounded between the beach and the concrete bridge I got out of my canoe and pushed over the low water and then climbed back in. We waited whilst more people got into their boats and then started off on a reasonably fast

SOTP Big Meet Ripon Day 1

Hello Folks With the recent good weather whilst I had been working on furniture in my workshop I was looking forward to the Song of the Paddle big meet in Ripon and hoping the good weather would continue but almost as soon as I got into my car it began raining. The journey was easy but fairly busy and on arriving I found we had a great site right by the waters edge of the River Ure Courtesy of Canoe England. Greg had organised the event and put up a very useful large tent for us to socialise and cook in, in the event of foul weather We also had a water supply and portaloos to complete the ensemble. I put up my tent during a dry spell and then sat back to enjoy the view as the rain picked up.

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