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Lack of water halts progress on the Grantham Canal

Last Sunday I decided it might be a good time to revisit the Grantham Canal. I arrived at the parking spaces by the put in to find someone else was leaving so that was good timing.I sorted out my kit went to inspect the put in, and put my boat on my trolley.The path is not as long as my picture makes it look but I was feeling lazy. On the water I noticed it was quite weed clogged making progress slow but it wasn't the kind of weed that latches onto the boat and gets dragged along with you so it wasn't too bad. I was in a very relaxed mood with no timing to follow or destination in mind. I was on Canoe time.. Although it was warm there were a few clouds in the sky but they were not rain cloud

A Mention on Radio 2 for my paddle on the Rivers Thame and Thames with the T.T.B.S

Hello Folks On Friday as I drove to work I knew I would be paddling on The River Thame at the weekend and when listening to the radio I heard they were asking people to text in and say what they would be doing at the weekend.It was a simple matter for me to send a message saying I would be paddling my beautiful wooden canoe that I made myself at and I had a small bit of free publicity courtesy of Vanessa Feltz and Radio 2. Now onto the trip itself. This Saturday I went for a paddle with the (Thames Traditional Boat Society) and the W.C.H.A.(Wooden Canoe Heritage Association). The members of both organisations (like myself) are all keen wooden boat enthusiasts so there wer

Bungay to Beccles on the Wonderful Waveney

Hi folks As Andrew and I were now camped at Bungay it made sense to continue our Waveney adventure by paddling to Beccles. This meant we could set off on the river directly from the campsite after running Andrew's car to Beccles. We found a parking spot for Andrew's car but it wasn't very close to our get out spot. The get out did have some parking spaces , limited to thirty minutes which would be handy when we arrived back. We returned to the campsite and packed up our tents leaving them in my car and set up our boats by the water's edge. As we did a proud pair of swans with cygnets in line paddled past. Once on the water we paddled past some new looking houses that looked a little too clos

River Waveney Harleston to Bungay with an electric fence to paddle under!

Hello Folks After our trip from Scole to Harleston the next logical trip for Andrew and I seemed like Harleston to Bungay. Andrew new of a good campsite near Bungay which was adjacent to the river so our plan was to move camp sites and then take Andrews car with both boats on it to the put in. This meant a minimum of faffing changing stuff around etc. We left scole and arrived at our new site in good time. We met one of the proprietors and explained our plan.He asked what time we expected to be back from our trip and we said we hoped to be back by 4pm but were unsure because it we would be on Canoe Time! We left my car on site and drove back to Harleston where we had left off the day before

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