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First paddle on the Nene this Year and I get on Yarwell Backwater.

Hi Folks I have been waiting for a suitable day to do this the route on the Nene for quite a while. The Yarwell backwater is a route that is only really suitable for my canoe in high water because of the remains of a foot bridge part way down that could do serious damage to my boat if the water is low so I was glad to get the opportunity today as the water was very high. Yarwell is two locks up river from my start and first I had to get there. At the put in a tree had fallen. I was on the water by 9.30 and the only sign of life was a solitary swan. A little further up river I met a couple of canoeists climbing on board their stitch and glue boat and I did my sales pitch and gave them a card.

River Ouse Kempton to Great Barford

Great Ouse Kempston to Great Barford This is a paddle I have done twice before that seems to be becoming a regular fixture in my year. It is organised by my friend and fellow O.C.A member Pancho.We met at the end of Mill Lane in Kempston (It is surprising how many paddles begin in mill lane or mill road somewhere!) we unloaded boats and then took cars to the end of the route at Great Barford before returning in as few cars as possible to the start. This is known as a shuttle and is a necessary part of many river trips especially where the flow makes a return trip impractical. A short while later we were off and for once we were lucky enough to be paddling in the sun. It wasn't long before we

Easter on The Norfolk Broads Part 3

Day 3. Sunday's weather was set to be windy which means (for those not in the know) hard paddling! To make life easier in these circumstances one of the best things you can do is paddle tandem i.e two people per canoe. With this in mind Nick offered me the bow seat in his lovely Bell Canoe works boat. Its not wooden but it doesn't half shift! (We could have gone in Peterborough 1 but my seats and air bags would have needed to be moved around.) The plan was to drive to Wroxham and use Roy's long stay Car park until we discovered it was closed because of the bank holiday so we hurriedly unloaded just outside the car park before those with cars found somewhere else to park. Finally we were off

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