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Peterborough's 10 and 11 Or How My Canoe's are Made.

The Making of Peterborough 10 and 11 or How I make my Canoes! This is going to be a blog of many parts over many weeks as I have just been commissioned to make two fifteen foot Peterborough Canoes and this will take some time to complete. The process begins with making moulds which are cut from ply or MDF and shaped to suit the design of the canoe you are to build. These are then set up on a strongback upon which the canoe will be built. All has to be level and straight as this will dictate the shape of the finished craft. I have two different strongbacks in the picture but the idea is the same, to produce a level support for the moulds. At bow and stern there will be laminated stems and the

A White Water Paddle Commission

Recently I was asked to make a paddle This was to be made to dimensions that are similar to my clients original which he had for many years but which he had just broken and was now shattered totally beyond repair. We discussed the sizes when we met to go paddling on Ullswater over what was a fabulous weekend as you can see from this picture. The paddle was to be 52”long with a shaft that is barely oval in section.The blade was to be the white water type short, wide and rectangular and with minimal rounding to the corners. I began by glueing up laminates for the blank. Once the glue is set I cut out the profile shape and the edges are smoothed to the line. Then centrelines are marked around t

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