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My First Paddle Making Course

A while ago I had a request from some of my OCA friends to run a paddle making workshop. As I have never done any teaching or instruction this was to be a new experience for me. However, I do have thirty years of woodworking experience to draw on and I did find myself referring back to the times years ago when I was taught my trade. I advertised the event on facebook and spread the word via word of mouth to some of my paddling friends and when It came to it, I only had one student to instruct but I was still happy to proceed with the course as I would learn from the experience. With the date set for the 15th-16th of August I had some planks planed up in readiness and waited for Alan to arriv

A Super Sunny day on the Nene.

River Nene Stibbington to the Boathouse pub and back. The river was like a mill pond with just the occasional light breeze which was usually a slight cross wind which assisted with paddling by pushing the hull gently on track against my paddle stroke. The bridge at ferry meadows was looking especially fine reflected in the mirror like surface of the water. Paddling a canoe gives you the opportunity to see wild life in a whole new light as you come very close to animals and birds around you like this heron which took flight as I approached. I reached the Boathouse Pub had a pint and then sat eating my lunch on the grass. As I ate a swan and cygnets appeared. I think they are used to being fed

Paddle Revamp!

This paddle was one of the very first I made. I made it at a time when I was unsure if I would like canoeing as I hadn't done any for years and I was an inexperienced paddler. When first making paddles it is recommended that the dimensions are kept a bit chunky until you have used the paddle and this is a good rule to follow as you can always remove timber easily at a later stage but it is more difficult to put it back on! Having used it a few times and found it over heavy I had left it on my rack for quite some time so I decided it was time I shaved it down and made it lighter so I would feel more inclined to use it. I began by planing down the shaft. This was originally quite a thick oval

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